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Artist: 4 Deep
Album:  Another Day in the Jungle
Song:   Take That
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Klas 1 ]
I started out squabbin and scrappin on the block
Then I said fuck that shit and went stole me a Glock
Bitch, I had to put to rest the scrappin
Now I'm makin niggas say: Oh Lord, what happened?
A nigga never ran cause I wasn't a runner
Comin with them hands, Klas 1'll outgun ya
I always kept the Glock stuffed in my nuts
Keep niggas on they p's and they q's on the cut
Drippin sweat, my finger's on the trigger
All on my mind was kill that mark nigga
And all my homies was in that gang shit
Some of them niggas Bloods, most of them niggas Crips
I stayed neutral, fuck red and blue
The gangs wasn't shit to a nigga that was true, fool
Real niggas did the crimes by theyself
Cause hangin with a gang is just another quick death
No, I don't claim red or blue
But I still bust yo ass like the gangsters do
Cause I'm low down, sneaky and I'm doomed
To leave this world real soon, but I gots room
To take yo ass with me
So lay it down quickly or you'll be buried in yo creased Dickies
Cause a nigga don't love ya
So you can get these 4 Deep nuts and take that, motherfucker

Take that, motherfucker
Comin in the click
Take that, motherfucker
With that hoe shit
Take that, motherfucker
You'll get yo wig split
Take that, motherfucker

[ VERSE 2: ? Murder ? ]
Murder murder murder mo'
Nigga hit the flo' 'fo I have to hurt a hoe
And that's how I go when you're fuckin with a killer, fool
Crackers got it bad cause they the ones I'm killin, fool
And on the cool, I don't give a motherfuck
And if you don't duck you're shit out of luck, Chuck
Stuck up the ass, stuck up the butt
Stuck up the dookie, you shoot just like a slut
With a big fat dick, so nigga watch yo shit
Mo' murder mo' murder, yeah it don't quit
Pullin them square's that's ( ? ) and nigga you know
Everything's movin slow and I can't take it no mo'
So you gotta go and that's how it be
D to the e to the a to the d, and I be
Murder murder hurt a nigga fast
As I insert a cap into that ass
Blast blast, from my shotgun kick
Leave a motherfucker sick naked holdin a stick
My nigga, my nigga, I don't think you'll make it home
After catchin couple hollow shot bullets to that dome
And it's on, it's on cause I'ma let ya know
Murder's in the house and I'ma murder me a hoe
With them fools 4 Deep, I don't creep with no busters
So take it from a straight up hustler, take that motherfucker


[ VERSE 3: Koo Rod ]
Ah fuck I'm aggravated, can't take this shit no more
Roundin up my niggas, it's time to go to war
Ha, there's a new motherfucker on the block
Tryina shortstop with them bullshit rocks
Nigga, how you just gonna come into the click
And thinkin that these fiends gonna jump up on your dick?
You better get gone or find another cut
But he didn't listen, so I guess he didn't give a fuck
Shit, now it's time to get him, get a little buzzed
Now what that light, cuz?
Punk-ass nigga, you better make it home
Comin with that dead shit, you shoulda tried to come strong
Cause you fucked up tryina move in
On a nigga's cut when you know you had no win
You tried to be hard, you got yo ass squabbed
You got your dope took, you need a fuckin job
Bitch, you'se a hoe, so go sell your ass
Or suck a nigga's dick, just bring me back my cash
Try to step to me when you know you'se a buster
Take that, motherfucker