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Artist: 4 Deep
Album:  Another Day in the Jungle
Song:   Rollin' 4 Deep
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Klas 1 ]
In the hood on the streets a nigga slowly tips
With the chronic shit and St. Ides to the lips
As I sips, and I'm steady gulpin
Somethin for the butt-naked bitch who's down for the fuckin
Called up Boss, cause that's my big nigga
But he was gettin a dick sucked, now don't that shit figure?
Pimpin bitches is the logo
Of the 4 Deep, so you best to peep yo hoe
Cause if the bitch slippin in the dark
She'll get got cause she's just a mark
Or should I say a squirrel tryina get a nut
And that's why I slipped off in her guts
Dropped the bitch off on the corner
Went scoop Koo Rod so he could jump on her
And I bet you're wonderin why we call this shit 4 Deep
When only three niggas creep
Cause the fourth nigga is a Glock 9
And he's guaranteed to stay right behind
Your busta ass if you ever come up short
You'll get smoked like a pack of Newports
Never goin out like suckers
Cause goddamn, 4 Deep is some hard motherfuckers
So don't never go to sleep
You best to loc up cause real niggas roll 4 Deep

4 Deep, real niggas roll 4 Deep
4 Deep, real niggas roll 4 Deep
4 Deep, real niggas roll 4 Deep
4 Deep, real niggas roll 4 Deep

4 Deep, real niggas roll 4 Deep
4 Deep, real niggas roll 4 Deep
4 Deep, real niggas roll 4 Deep
We're on a creep, real niggas roll 4 Deep

[ VERSE 2: Big Boss ]
Comin up the block boomin, this is for the jeeps
Steady hittin switches as we creepin 4 Deep
Six-fo drop-top sittin on them Daytons
Loaded Glock 9, come on niggas, cause I'm waitin
Spot a couple of hoes at the stoplight
I creep slow, hops, as I tip my shit to the right
What's up honey, ya sure lookin pretty
Thinkin to myself she got some big ol' titties
Can we get together, she said, "How you figure?
Where's your woman at?" I said, "She's probably with yo nigga"
So what's up bitch, can a nigga get with it?
I know you want my dick, so baby, take these seven digits
No I don't want yo number, but you can keep mine
And when you're down for fuckin use code 69
Now we headed for the sto'
To get a pack of zig-zags and a couple 40 oz's
Pass the square, fool, let me get a hit
Ooh shit, I think it's that bitch
What's up sugar, can a nigga fall through?
I ain't with that bullshit, you know what I wanna do
She said, "Yeah Boss, anything for you
Bring your whole crew, I got some friends too"
Back to the store, I don't wanna get infected
I must stay protected when my jimmy is erected
Now I'm headed for the love shack
Yeah it's a fact that I'm gonna break your back
Straight to the room, it's time for hittin action
Three hours straight of butt-naked passion
I dropped the rubber on the flo', hit the do'
Jumped in the six-fo', I'm outty, hoe
Up to no good as we creep
Cause it's a everyday thing when we rollin 4 Deep