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Artist: 4 Deep
Album:  Another Day in the Jungle
Song:   Real
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ Klas 1 ]
198-, 19-, 1986 is when the shit came through
I remember well, I bet you remember too
Back in the days before the dope came in
Niggas wasn't doin nothin then but just hangin
All of a sudden the shit got deep
Niggas said, 'Fuck school, let's hit the streets'
Then the shit started lookin sloppy
Every hood in the city had a motherfuckin posse
Niggas kickin up dust over colors
Ridin through the hood shootin up each other
Sellin dope to they own fuckin people
But they didn't give a damn cause the game had 'em evil
Now the shit is gettin outta hand
It's 1993 and here come the fuckin lawmen
Now it's time to have law and order
Cause you sold a 50 pack to the white man's daughter
And the bitch OD-ed on the crack
Now these damn fools out to kill every fuckin black
But that was the plan from the get-go
Keep the niggas down, don't let 'em have shit, though
But fuck that shit, we ain't takin it
Cause bein broke niggas just ain't makin it
So we do what we can to survive
Even if it means takin these white motherfuckers' lives
But now I turn the gun on my brotherman
Cause he wanna show his ass like the other man
You got some money and now you think you livin good
You still just a nigga from the hood
But don't forget where you came from
It's po' folks like us who made you what you was
( ? ) 4 Deep won't sell out
We still kick it on the cut smokin the weed and drinkin a 40 ounce
We was down from the start
Real niggas from the motherfuckin heart

The real niggas in the motherfuckin hizzouse
Them niggas Comptons Most Wanted
Kool G Rap
The Geto Boys
And the Rap-A-Lot family
MC Ren
The OG Ice-T
Ice Cube and the Lench Mob
WC & the MAAD Circle
Them damn fools ( ? )
Street Military
My nigga Koo Rod
My nigga Stick
Naughty By Nature
Cypress Hill
Snoop Doggy Dogg
Dr. Dre
And The DOC in the house
UGK, y'all niggas trill from ( ? )
Lord 3-2
The Terrorists
Ganxsta NIP
Big Mello
Royal Flush
Full House
The ( ? )
Greenspoint Posse
The Hardy Boyz
Type White
( ? )
And SA Fools, y'all niggas in the house
The 4th Ward Lench Mob
3rd Ward Jack Mob
802 Seminar
Elite Gangstas
And the entire family of Bloods and Crips
BG's, OG's, players and hustlers
Y'all niggas in the house
Kim Harris
Big Chief
Big Harry
Lil J
Total Destruction
And my nigga ( ? ) and Mr. Payday
Boot Daddy, you in the house
My nigga 10 Grand in the house
Yeah with the rest of them hardhead-ass niggas
Damn Fool
AK the Player
Short Dog
Spice 1
Big Suge with yo bitch ass
The Hit Squad
The Flavor Unit
The Bomb Squad
The Torcha Chamba
And my niggas that's been down from day one, the Def Troop
The X Clan
The Zulu Nation
Willie D
The ( ? ) Conspiracy
Gang Starr
Eric B & Rakim
That damn fool Paris
Russell Simmons
Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Leaders of the New School
Shabba Ranks
Poetic Souls
The ( ? ) Robinson
( ? )
My nigga Big E
( ? )
And all the DJ's that's pumpin up that real shit
Y'all keep doin that on the cool
Yo! MTV Raps and The Source magazine's in the house

Only the strong can survive in the jungle
So stay real from the heart, niggas