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Artist: 4 Deep
Album:  Another Day in the Jungle
Song:   Ho
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Klas 1 ]
Can I get a hoe (Hoe?) Can I get a bitch? (I got yo bitch)
Put it in reverse, watch how I curse
There's a lotta hoes who wanna bend over
Grab my waist and I grab your shoulders
If I hit it hard then your booty might twinkle
I'ma keep fuckin till my dick gets wrinkled
Met a lotta bitches in the days way back
Swingin on my dick because it was stacked
I used to run game just to get my toss on
Strong conversation, a little persuasion
What's up honey, you know you're lookin fly
Can I hit that ass? (Fuck naw) Bitch why?
(Do you got a car?) I reply with a 'no'
But it don't matter because you got ( ? )
(But do you sell dope?) No hoe, I sell raps
My pockets stay fat, I still bust snaps
So uhm, what's up on the butt naked action
A little bit of passion, a lot of ass waxin
Klas 1 is a nympho
No I don't simp, hoe, but I pimps, hoe
Like the rest of my crew
Pass the brew and let me do the do
Ooh 4 Deep got it goin on
Fuck a motel, I got a bed at home
Swing high, swing low
Swing on the dick of this young black negro
"You talk a lotta shit, goddamn"
Yeah bitch, I tell 'em what I am

[ CHORUS: uncredited female ]
A hooker, a hooker, nothin but a hooker
A hooker, a hooker, nothin but a hooker
A hooker, a hooker, nothin but a hooker
This motherfucker ain't nothin but a hooker

[ VERSE 2: Klas 1 ]
Paid like a motherfucker, bitch
I can't get out the game cause you hoes on my dick
"Please Klas 1, can I have another hit?"
Fuck no bitch, 'less you gonna buy the 12-inch
And ehm, take off your clothes, let me hit the booty
Open up wide and we can do the Snoopy
How you doin, sugar, you know you lookin major
Wanna spend some time with a 4 Deep player?
Now that I know ya, can I hit the ass
Get a nut fast, send ya to class?
Some say yes and some say no
Cause I'm a hooker, a pimp, a low-down hoe
Let me in the front so I can hit the back
Lay on your side so I can take a ride
Don't even think about gettin in my bank
Cause you ain't nothin but a ghetto wrench
Look trick, tramp, when can I swing ya?
What's your number, when can I ring ya?
You used to ride METRO, now you ride a Benz
Cause you let a nigga like Klas hit the skins
Goddamn, I slams on the jam
Yeah bitch, now tell 'em what I am


[ VERSE 3: Klas 1 ]
Met another bitch at the club one night
She wore Fendi, Girbauds and some fucked up Nikes
Her booty was big, but the tramp wore a wig
I didn't give a damn, I swung with the program
I don't give a fuck if you hair's in place
Cause you know pussy ain't got no face
I came at the tramp and said, "Hi, my name's Dwayne
I don't sell 'caine, I don't sell game"
Knowin I was lyin, but it was worth tryin
What's up on the drinks? If you drinkin, I'm buyin
But I don't dance cause you know I'm not a dancer
Never been a lover or a romancer
Just a booty-hitter, big pipe-layer
Peace to 4 Deep, cause we some hoe-players
Goddamn, our game's up to par
Yeah bitch, now tell 'em what we are

Hookers, hookers, nothin but hookers
Hookers, hookers, nothin but hookers
Hookers, hookers, nothin but hookers
Y'all motherfuckers ain't nothin but hookers

Yeah motherfucker
You talkin about you're a pipe-layer
Yeah motherfucker, the only pipe you layin is smokin that motherfucker pipe
Yeah right
Look at your motherfuckin ass, you know you ain't gettin no pussy
Nigga please
You limp skinny dick motherfucker
I can look through your pants and see you ain't got no dick