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Artist: 4 Deep
Album:  Another Day in the Jungle
Song:   Can't Turn Back
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Klas 1 ]
I'm trapped in the dope game, fuck gettin out
My mama told me to get my ass out her house
But I don't give a damn cause a nigga lethal
My girl called off cause my attitude is evil
Motherfuck a bitch, I gotta stay up
And dick-suckin hoes can get a nigga's nuts
She better get gone before she get slaughtered
Approachin a nigga with preachin and holy water
I'm in the game and can't be saved
Father ( ? ) he tried, and took two to his brain
I warned ya not to drag or rag
Cause you'll be fucked up quick, hauled off in a body bag
Another day in the jungle
When it comes to makin cash my stash is in a bundle
Takin no shorts in the game
Fuck sellin ki's, it's ( ? ) of cocaine
My mama want me out the click
But she better raise up before she get her wig split
The only way I'm goin out is dead
With a bullet in my head
And that's enough said
I'm pushin cocaine by the stacks
Nigga, so fuck turnin back

(Try to get out, but I can't stop)
(Can't get a legit job so I sling and get mine)
(Try to get out, but I can't stop)
(Just say no)
(Bitch fuck you)

[ VERSE 2: Klas 1 ]
Two years passed, I'm comin up like a fat rat
Hoes sellin crack, oh bitch you need a 50 pack?
Small-timers on the cut try to win
And get fucked up with the Mac-10
A nigga pushin much weight
And I just can't wait to campaign a new state
On the cut, in the thick, I got hoes on the dick
And you punk-ass cops can get the 86
FBI tried to bust
But I relocates and keep kickin up much dust
I'm fuckin over Puerto-Ricans
My wholesale is so potent I got Columbians geekin
And motherfuckers wanna stop me
But they can't cause I'm runnin this game like John Gotti
I got shit sowed up
A busload of dope comin through and I'ma blow it up
I don't bullshit when it come to my product^s
Son of a bitches are dyin for narcotics
But I don't give a fuck and that's a fact
Nigga, so fuck turnin back

[ VERSE 3: Klas 1 ]
Chillin at the crib I heard a noise ( ? )
Some niggas tryina swoop, so I tips to the window
Grab my weapon and jump behind the do'
Hollow points left they ass on the front flo'
They shot back, so I took cover
Only thing on my mind was killin these motherfuckers
Goddamn, who in the fuck could they be?
Five niggas in a Benz, six mo' in a Cherokee
One nigga thought he got me
Until I blew his fuckin head off his body
Another nigga tried to get some
But the shit I was shootin blew him up like a timebomb
Tryina make it through the front do'
Steady blastin niggas as hardheads hit the flo'
These motherfuckers want my cash
But all they gonna get is a quick death real fast
Now it's one nigga left tryina plead
Shut the fuck up, bitch, bow to your knees
You shouldn'ta try to come with the drama
I guess I break the news to your mama
That I had to lay her son on his back
Comin with that bullshit - motherfuck turnin back