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Artist: 4 Deep
Album:  Another Day in the Jungle
Song:   Bring Yo Ass
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Klas 1 ]
Bitch you'se a goner steppin in my corner
Put these hands on ya, now you don't wanna
Come with that play shit, tryina fade Klas
I'll buck-buck ya down and put somethin on yo ass
Fool I'm aggravated, can't be faded
So let it jump off if you think you gon' make it
To your fuckin car do', cause I don't love ya, hoe
So I'ma click on your motherfuckin afro
Huh, roll 'em up, hit 'em up, get 'em up
You better get gone or your teeth you gon' spit 'em up
And don't make a nigga bank ya
And beat yo ribs to your motherfuckin ankles
And I'm steady knockin snot from your nose
As your bitch ass scream, "Oh Lord I don't want no mo'!"
You'll be another nigga in the past
If you ever bring yo ass, fool

(What's up now, motherfucker)  --> Kool G Rap
(Fuck with me, I put my foot in your ass)  --> Ice Cube

[ VERSE 2: uncredited guest ]
Another tale from the darkside comin from a down-ass bitch
(Shut up hoe) Nigga, don't start no shit
Have you ever seen a bitch get agg
Drink St. Ides brew and roll blunts with the zig-zags?
Ah fool you can't fade me, you crazy?
Drive on that ass like that bitch Miss Daisy
Straight to the grill, have you shittin out teeth
Go toe to toe, hoe, with these hands and these feets
Another mark that I bangs
Are you surprised that a bitch dropped a nigga in the paint?
(Where they at, where they at, where they at, hoe?)
Tryina get they ass back from these motherfuckin click-clacks
And if you ever wanna catch a square
Huh, I'll be there
Slappin hoes playin dominos
On your bitch ass doggy style, that's how the story goes

(What's up now, motherfucker)
(Fuck with me, I put my foot in your ass)

[ VERSE 3: Koo Rod ]
Hoe I don't love ya, think nothin of ya
Nigga matter of fact, mother-motherfuck ya
If you wanna go, bitch, we can go
Put these hands and feet on your funky ass, bro
What's the fuckin reason for this fuckin treason?
Don't you know, fool, this is bitch killin season
Like my nigga Stick whoop a bitch in a minute
Here's the fuckin square, tell yo ass to get in it
Cause if you jump in you better come equipped
Cause talkin that hoe shit will get your fuckin wig split
You and your crew, well what you wanna do
Whoo-whoo-whoop them motherfuckers and your baldhead auntie too
Hoe how you figure, I don't buy you liquor
I'm from H-Town, another trigger-happy killer
Buck-buck 'em down, put the slugs in your ass
Another dead nigga hauled off with the trash

(What's up now, motherfucker)
(Fuck with me, I put my foot in your ass)