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Artist: 4 Deep
Album:  Another Day in the Jungle
Song:   Buck Naked Lover
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ Big Boss ]
What's up honey, you know you'se a cutie
My name is Big Boss, can I bite you on your booty?
Lick around your nipples and nibble on your thighs
But when the doors close I make you lose your shoe size
Ain't no shame in my game, I gets deep
Give you hickeys from your head all the way to your feet
Do you like whipped cream? Girl, what's upper
My tongue is like Bounty, the quicker-picker-upper
And I'm quick to lick you up and down
All around until you make that 'Ooh' sound
Just for you, not for everybody
Cause if the monkey's funky, shit, I'm sorry, Charlie
But if your pussy smells like roses
Give me a call so we can have a ball
Lay on your back, now open wide
Put your legs around my shoulders, prepare for the joyride
Shit girl you know it's true
I wanna get freaky with you and do the do
Lights out, let's jump in the covers
You better get got from your buttnaked lover


[ Klas 1 ]
Oh you wanna kiss? Bitch kiss my dick
Open up your legs and let me play with your pussy lips
Hoes be on tweak in the hood
And don't wanna fuck cause they know Klas 1 is up to no good
I played hoes like a neo-GO
Bitches get tossed like Vanessa Del Rio
I treats pussy like a bucket
(What you gonna do, nigga?)
I kicks it, fills it up, then I fucks it
I goes deep doin doggy style
(You crazier than a motherfucker, dog)
Naw mane, I'm just buckwild
Makin my way to the nipples
Fuckin so much that my nuts feel crippled
Comin at a nigga with all that passion
But she wants to front on the buttnaked action
Bitch what's the scoop, can I get in them drawers?
Open up your mouth, I bust a nut in your jaws
I know you ain't nothin but a stank bitch
Cause you lick my booty and make the hairs in my ass twitch
You'se a nasty motherfucker
But I don't give a damn cause I'm a buttnaked lover

[ Boss ]
Ooh I'm the 69 king
[ Klas ]
Ooh I'm the big booty hitter

[ Boss ]
I'm the 69 king, can I lick you up and down?
[ Klas ]
I'm the big booty hitter, can I fuck you to the ground?
[ Boss ]
Shit, I lick your nappy till you're real happy
[ Klas ]
Shit, I fuck you to the ground till you're callin Klas 1 pappy
[ Boss ]
Girl, come with me and I do my duty
Have you ever had a man blow in your booty?
[ Klas ]
Yeah that's nice, but that's the same old song
Have you ever had a man that can fuck all night long?
[ Boss ]
Don't believe that fool, hah, cause it's just game
I lick every drip drop of that sweet pootang
[ Klas ]
Yeah that might be true
But I bet that nigga can't fuck like I do
[ Boss ]
Shit, every nigga got a dick
[ Klas ]
Oh yeah? But I bet every nigga can't stick
[ Boss ]
Fool, that's a lie, you wanna make a bet?
But before a nigga stick her I gotta get the pussy wet
[ Klas ]
Nigga, that's true, so we can both win
Cause when you get it wet, huh, I gots to jump in
So do you know what I mean?
[ both ]
Yeah nigga, let's tag-team

[ both ]
Ooh I'm the 69 king
Ooh I'm the big booty hitter