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Artist: 4 Deep
Album:  Another Day in the Jungle
Song:   Another Day in the Jungle
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Koo Rod ]
Blast and blast and blast, triggers get pulled fast
Then niggas hauled off like motherfuckin trash
A daily operation, same old situation
News reporters say ( ? ) a gang relation
See that's the way you folks like it, G
You put the dope in the hood tryina fuck over society
As for the dope, do you think I smoke it?
You must be jokin, I ain't goin out like a dopefiend
I'm an entrepreneur like Trump
Opened Crack-Is-Us, started sellin out my trunk
Went from oz.'s to movin ki's with ease
Now I'm franchisin like I was motherfuckin Mickey D's
Now I got Texas sowed up
Over 3 billion served, nigga, straight from the dope cut
See, it's the law of supply and demand
Long as I got the supply I demand to be a rich man
Now Uncle Sam don't see it that way
He got the feds on my ass tryina catch me every day
But them hoes can't fuck with me
My game is tighter than the Virgin Mary's pussy
Rule number one, never trust a motherfucker
Oh yeah I love her, but I don't trust my fuckin mother
That's why you'll never see my empire crumble
Only the strong can survive the fuckin jungle

[ VERSE 2: Klas 1 ]
Relaodin up my Glock as I step on the block
Gettin much props cause I wholesell rocks
I'm wanted by the cops but Chad don't give a fuck, though
I'ma keep slingin these things till the cops come
Steady pushin weight, rocked up a pot of
I don't give a damn, fuck Uncle Sam
And fuck the police, they can swing on these nuts
I'ma ( ? ) a quarter ki and put some niggas on the cut
Real quick, real fuckin fast
And if you come short I'ma 86 yo bitch ass
Back in the click hoes sellin ass
Niggas comin fast, givin up the cash
The shit's gettin hella, your girl, you better tell her
If the bitch fine I'ma fuck her and sell her
I gotta stay paid, time is movin slow
Mo' money, mo' dick-suckin hoes
I'm rollin in a Lexus, motherfuck a Caddy
If you got a ( ? ) Klas 1'll be your sugar daddy
Used to sell dope, now I sells tramps
Cash, credit cards and even food stamps
That's what I'm takin, bitches I be breakin
No time for fakin cause ya gets naythin
It's all about makin that hustle
That's how it is when you're livin in the jungle