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Artist: 2nd II None 
Album:  2nd II None
Song:   If You Want It
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If you want it, then I've got it
If you need it, baby I'll feed it
If you love it, come and rub it
Cause there's something I should let you know, hoooe!

[Gangsta D]
Look at a brother like me! The Gangsta D
I got a nice piece of meat that'll fit you to the T
So come with me and I'll let you see
Soon as you pull down your panties, I'm gonna bust you in your coochie

Don't forget about - K, just warm me a fresh hoe
If you want a trip, let me know
Ain't got no time for no hoochie games
Just jump out the panties, don't feel no shame

[Gangsta D]
I just love me some hoes! You know
I got these young girls fiendin for this fishing pole
And when I stick it to you girl, you'll be happy
I'ma work it 'til I sweat your fly do' nappy

Ooh, that look good! So good and so tight
C'mon girl, lemme rip tonight
Cause if ya do, I think I just might - 
{*sss-AHH!*} Y'know..


Yo, it ain't the length or the width, it's the way I work it
And like D said, girl I'ma jerk-jerk-jerk it
Make you good 'til you curl up your toes
Knock the rollers out your hair until they fall on the flo'
I was built for war and not peace
And what I mean by war, it means tearin some sheets
And some spreads, in the bed
And I knock your headboards until your clear stuff turns red

[Gangsta D]
I'll make you flip, have a fit
While I'm makin you moan and kick, looka here trick!
Now I'm holdin genuine beef, but you don't need teeth
All you need is STRONG knees
(Now come on, lay down, your butt is nice and round
 Now don't interrupt, because it's time to...)


It ain't nothin but meat on the bone
You could stroke it or choke it.. 

[Gangsta D]
or leave it alone!
Ain't nothin wrong with group sessions
Yeah baby, y'know, sexin!

[KK] Just a daily average routine
[D] Step up baby and get tag-teamed
[KK] Young hoochies
[KK] If you want it
[both] LET US UP ON IT!

[Chorus 2X w/ ad-libs]