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Artist: 2Pac f/ Outlawz Immortalz
Album:  The Chronic 2000 (Unreleased)
Song:   Secret of Warz (Original Version)
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Verse 1 [Hussein Fatal]

Let go my enemies, my heart beat, pump with the heat
so I bust instead of waiting for you punks to squeeze
see you all on my 3 pound rounds, since you conform
bit the fact that Outlawz just kick down these doors
bitch niggas be fouling out, hacking me with the wack rhymes
grabing ya .9, shooting scared, tryin' to take mine
I'm putting pressure on you niggas when I'm mobb
deep bringing the heat to you dirty ass squad
you can robb, point blank range, peek game
from the pleasure, taminated criminal Hussein
bitch nigga I try to project steps with the Tek
murder next, and robb any nigga any set
Hussein, the type of muthafucka dying with trey pounds
ghetto type be drown, hollow points from the waist down


We go to war bust if we must, plus
handle our business if them jealous niggaz fuck with us
We go to war bust if we must, plus
handle our business when them jealous niggaz fuck with us

Verse 2 [2Pac]

Now, as I approach the scene, from smoking green, got my eyes close
niggas I call 'em my foes, I make 'em die froze
watch me make 'em bleed, makin' G's, Lord help me with it
got me fakin' bitches of a meal ticket, help me get it
see me in and pray for options, when the precious love stop
niggas get to pistol poppin', then watch the body drop
I'm a lethal weapon, watch me hit yo set, flash on
blast on them bitch made niggas with my mask on
do it for profit, plus I'm, lookin' for punks to bust on
if you ain't screamin' WestSide, nigga get the fuck on
I'm seeing demons hittin' weed, got me hearing screams
scared to go to sleep, I bust the scene like a dope feen
probably be punished for it, although you can't ignore it
I live the life of a thug nigga, and die for it
niggas past the clip and watch me bring 'em to the floor
I got some shit that they ain't ready for, I got the secrets to war


Verse 3 [Young Noble]

Check the middle, represented, niggas is finished
gettin' blood checks from cliniks, this thug shit is hence
blowing through my system, you a victim, plus I twicked 'em
fuck the whole world, it's us against them
you got the heat?, pull it out, and cock the hand if you with it
don't make no different since, with the 25 to Life sentence
we already doing life on the street, like Al G
niggas be heated when they walking the beat
this shit flasy, makin' bad shakey niggas hazy, scared to face me
knowing that the Outlawz be crazy
put me up on game, put me up on a hustle
once I flex my money musle, all the cheese gotta go
movin' shit like a dalie, beatin' niggas like Rodney
turn a killer like Kadafi if the new street is sobby

Chorus: til fade