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Artist: 2Pac 
Album:  St. Ides Commercial '94
Song:   St. Ides Commercial '94
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[Intro: 2Pac Talking]
You got St. Ides?
Our friends getting it though
It's it.. 
St. - Ides

Nobody knows the trouble that brother sees
Mobbing with the homies cause they're true Gs
Count cash and, hands on the Ides cold glass
And yet.. waiting for my homie to pass me 
The S-T-Crooked-Ides
Took the sipping out, had to take another
Before I pack a ten for my brother
Thug for life, a G 'til they bury me
Busting, I don't be trusting these tricks
So they done worry me
Now, I'm a well known figure, getting paid
Came a long way from the old days
I gotta get mine, cause in my mind;
Pour some liquor on the curb for my dogs

[Outro: 2Pac Talking w/ Echoes]
St. Ides