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Artist: 2Pac & Boot Camp Clik f/ Outlaws, Spice 1
Album:  One Nation - The Album
Song:   Secrets of War
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* Also known as 'Bust If We Must' and recycled on 'Still I Rise' without Hussein

[Intro: Tupac]
Goddamn! let's get these niggaz the secrets and the rules man
Serve these motherfuckers some fucking (Outlawz in this motherfucker)
No Doubt! No Doubt! UHMMM (HUH! duck-uck-ck out!)
Secrets of War, alright now (Secrets of War) 
You know what time it is (Spice 1 is in the house)
Get your hands in the air (Bust if we must, plus..)
And roll with me (Outlawz in the motherfucking house)

[Verse One: Fatal Hussein]
Look for my enemies, my heartbeat pumps with the ease
So I busted instead of waiting for you punks to squeeze
See you all on my three pound rounds so you can fall
With the fact the Outlawz! just kicked down your door
Bitch niggaz be fouling out, hacking me with them whack rhymes
Grabbing your nine shooting scared, trying to take mine
I'm putting pressure on you niggaz when I mob
Deep, bringing the heat to your dirty ass squad
You get robbed, point blank range, peep game
From the plague contaminated Criminal Hussein
Bitch nigga I try to project steps with the Tech
Murder necks and rob any nigga, any set
Hussein, the type of motherfucker dying in a straight rounds
Ghetto types to drown, hollow points from the waist down

[Chorus: E.D.I. Amin and Spice 1] X2
We go to war - We bust if we must
Plus, handle our business when them jealous niggaz fuck with us

[Verse Two: Tupac]
Now! as I approach the scene
From smoking green, got my eyes closed
Niggaz so cold on my foes, I make them die froze
Watch me make them bleed, take them G's, lord help me with it
Got me painting pictures of a meal ticket, help me get it
See me and pray for options, but the pressures nonstop
Niggaz get the pistol popping, then watch the bodies drop
I'm a lethal threat, watch me hit your set
Flash on, blast on them bitch-made niggaz with my mask on
Do it for profit, plus I'm, looking for punks to bust on
If you ain't screaming West Side, you can get the fuck on
I'm seeing demons hitting weed, got me hearing screams
Scared to go to sleep, I watched the scene like a dope-fiend
Probably be punished for it, although you can't ignore it
I live the life of a thug nigga, and die for it
Niggaz pass the clip and watch me bring them to the floor
I got some shit that they ain't ready for (What you got?)
I got the Secrets of War

[Chorus: E.D.I. Amin and Spice 1] X2

[Verse Three: Yaki Kadafi]
We do this thug life shit like 4, 5, 6 dictum
Down with no rounds left up in the pound when it sounds (Here we go)
Squeeze the lead off, I blow his motherfucking head off
Signal all the other outlawz to get this shit set off
Yaki Khadafi, it ain't a cop here to stop me
These streets is black hockey and raw we get sloppy
Put a pamper on your silly ass pre-style grammar
Locked in the slammer, while I'm laid cocked back like a hammer
Ya'll newly weds that in honey moons, times bout up
Ya'll, that means I leave no trace found with your face, bounce, stuck
Your pig scanners can't come close touch or even hit me
Doing my dirt, putting in work 
On your block, tendencies and secrets of war

[Chorus: E.D.I. Amin and Spice 1] X2

[Verse Four: Young Noble]
We check the murder rate percentage, niggaz is finished
Getting blood checks from clinics, this thug shit is in us
Flowing through my system, you're a victim
Blunts - I twist them
Fuck the whole world, it's us against them
You got some heat? - pull it out
And cock the hammer if you with it
Don't make no different sense, with the 25 to life sentence
We already doing life on the streets
Like Algae niggaz be heated, when they walk in a beat
This shit is flaky, making backs shaky, niggaz hate me
Scared to face me, knowing that the Outlawz blazed me
Pull me up on game, put me up on a hustle
Once I flex my money muscle, all the cheese got doubled
Moving shit like a Daile, beating niggaz like Rodney
Turn a killer like Khadafi, if you knew the streets is sloppy

[Chorus: E.D.I. Amin and Spice 1] X2

[Outro: Tupac overlapping the above chorus]
Aiyyo, ha ha ha, yeah, secrets of motherfucking war
Y'all know what time it is, secrets of war
Now, all you little young ass soldiers
You play this shit back about fifty times
You'll have enough game to roll up in a club or something
Teach these bitches a little something, you know what I mean?
Secrets of motherfucking War, life on Death Row BITCH!!
ha ha ha, you niggaz are crazy
Whattup Kurupt? - Fatal and Felony 
My nigga Johnny J peace out
You know it's Thug Life and Dogg Pound