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Artist: 2Pac (Makaveli) f/ Kastro, Napoleon, Storm
Album:  Hit 'Em Up II
Song:   Can't Fade Me
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[Intro/Chorus: Storm]
You can't fade me, you can't fade me
You can't fade me, you can't fade me

[Verse One: Kastro]
Truly, you're a cutie 
You know I ain't trying to act a fool
And be rude, they call me Kastro
And you; Oh! Storm sound like a cutie too
What's popping? with me and you 
Just hit me with the seven 
It'll be my pleasure to see what we can do
Oh! you ain't alone, got a man at home, answering the phone
But he ain't the one, cause if he is, than why you gone?
What you drinking on? - Hennessy with me
A glass of Thug Passion or just a plain Pepsi
Oh! you're cool? - sure that I assume
You ain't too much of a drinker today
You was alright, I think I want you right away
See, I'm only eighteen, these groupies they just want to sue me
Push my whoopty, act like they don't spend my dooky
And I could see it'd be
Twenty-two or so, older soldier on my team
I put you in my video, and give you plenty of dough
By my hotel room, Four fifty four, hope that you go
Baby, can you fade me?


[Verse Two: Napoleon]
See girl, I'm laced with game but it ain't similar
The shit that I'm talking get more deeper
Than calling and coming to visit you, it's hard to feel you
But I been playing since I been born and I moved up in a age
Strolled the page, turned it, now it's on, can't ignore
The way you hit the club and play the floor
Hitting up every position and that's for sure
But I think it's more, than situation that I'm facing
Your Shorty was hesitation so I'ma replace her
Plus to get specific; it ain't no hoochie that's unlisted
That the homies that I roll with ain't twisted
And that what makes me dis it
I ran through cousins, through aunties on down to triplets
For dropping the highest level of game and got no digits
Now can you dig it? - but you ain't in no composition
Cause most conversations you be kicking you sure to get it
Now, baby can you fade me?


[Tupac Overlapping the chorus]
Oh! Mo, you're a little player Napoleon but uhh..
(Let me show y'all little niggaz how it really goes)
I'ma show you how the big dogs do it nigga
This is how you get her up
You don't know how to rule no bitch nigga
(Hold up baby! would you get off, thinking you can fade me)
Look how you stutter and shit nigga, watch out
Get to the side, which one?
pick all out, pick out nigga, which one?
That one? - peep this shit

[Verse Three: Tupac]
Hold up baby, would you get off, thinking you can fade me?
Evading my niggaz like radius and then attempt to play me
Oh! yeah, you're crazy thinking, you can just be Swazy
Cause my conversation; getting you hot enough for love making
The participation is needed, yeah, I'm drunk and getting weeded
In the back of my Jaguar, the life of a rap star
Completely freaki-able 
I get weak, when I sit and think of shit that we can do
Let me introduce Mr. Makaveli is who you're speaking to
What's up with you? - as you can see I love freaking you (Boo)
Who, Black, Mexican, Puerto Rican too
Long as it's ghetto you can bet I'm getting deep in you
Believe it boo, I got my eyes concentrated on the size of your thighs
Though I ain't trading baby, but won't you let me ride?
Cause a nigga wanted your booty cat
This Thug Passion so your man can't have it back
And that's a fact, so.. how you want to act?
Baby, can you feel me? - like Run D.M.C. 'It's Like That'
Tell me, can you fade me?


[Outro: Tupac Overlapping the chorus]
That's how you mack to a bitch you little young niggaz
Come on baby, we finna go to my little hotel and shit
Ha ha, to see if you can fade me, feel me?
Hey, don't trip of the 'B' word
That's just how motherfuckers talk on my block 
Ha ha, What's up though boo? where you want to go?
No we can go get a little drama and shit
Don P., Crystal, Fat ass steak, some lobster and shit
Go back to the telly
Bump some of that Dramacydal Outlaw Immortal shit
That's the type of shit that gets me in the mood
Ha ha, Come and tell you now and uhh..
After a few glasses of this Thug Passion baby
Huh, it's going be like Adam and Eve, feel me?
Everything stops, Puff puff, and you don't stop
So tell me baby boo, can you fade us?
Hey one love to that nigga D'Angelo
Nigga, this beat's bad than a motherfucker
You know, ain't no disrespect big player
But a motherfucker loves this beat so much
Huh, we have this bitch too, So uhh.. 
we're sending this one out to you
Baby, can you fade me?