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Artist: 2 Hungry Bros. present 8thW1
Album:  No Room For Dessert
Song:   Talkin
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Why stress mic skills? I upgrade to LeBron techniques
For the record, oh, pardon me, I meant to say the Serrano{?} MP3
Bring the beat like a defibrilator
With 2 Hungry Bros in yo' refridgerator
Get it now there may not be a later
Cause success is not for procrastinators
And the law say love thy neighbor
That's why I don't want to be a hater
It's much safer when tryin to get paper
Just food for thought so please tip your waiter
And I want my bread like I want head
.. period, nuff said
Runnin red's really not my style
Like skinny fits saggin, why, pal?
And they be like "8th, you buggin"
But y'all dead serious and still sayin nothin

Don't mind me I'm just talkin on the beat {*8X*}

Yo... she said I'm pro-fessional
I said miss, I record in my drawers
Thing is, I ain't got no money
This is a scheme to take all of yours
If I could buy love offa what I love
I'd be crazy to ignore
So here's my stuff, it's only five bucks
Would you like one? Sure
I wish she was five million more
That would be enough to get me in a tour
In arenas where they sit in for sports
And put the stage somewhere at half court
But a dreamer can dreammmm
But a waking man can plan
All he needs is eyes foreseen
I say mine and that leaves one hand
And they be like "Why you talkin that bullshit?"
And I'll be like.. "Get out!"


Bein broke makes me feel sad
So to break bread I'ma have to break bad
But, I can't get caught
Cause it's just me, myself and a judge in court
Peace to Brownsville, right next to Fort
Guess where I lived 'til I felt Lee Four{?}
Switched not to be a prick but
ain't much poppin off in the sticks
So I moved to the bricks to prove I was fit
to move to the city to swim with big fish
or maybe the mammals, everything's goin so well
Hit after hit make your iPod swell
You like K-Y, so jeal'
Okay why? Please do tell
But, is because when you're listenin
I'm killin it just by willin it?
And they be like "8th, you so dope!"
And I be like "Ha ha ha, well you know~!"