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Artist: 2 Hungry Bros. present 8thW1
Album:  No Room For Dessert
Song:   Say My Name Right
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

The teacher, class in session
The best hands down, no question
Everybody's fresh - I'm refreshing
Cause I hold it down, like oppression
There's a new sheriff in town, no boots, no steps
And my fam is the future, The Jetsons
Say 8th Wonder? I say correction
Talk about 9th? Uhh, no connection
They call me milk {*4X*}
And is it +Surreal+ like the +Life+ of washed up celebs
MTVH-1 all channels connect
Love money and music and ay okay
I wanna flood the market so we can get paid

GEAH, what a great idea
Put the money in my hand {*2X*}
There, there, there he go right there
Throw money in the band {*2X*}

Dig it, dig it, I'm so committed
So long as I know no one else is fuckin with it
The sickest with the finish that diminish all the cynics
Fruits of my labor take the juice and they steal it
I bring life every time that I kill it
Charge it to the game here's a name when you bill it
8, T-H, W-1 {*4X*} that's how you spell it!
Give the word to my folks don't stop for reds
And get the dough with the herb like focaccia bread (knahmean?)
It's pasta keep a mobster fed
You better know the food chain homey watch the feds
But that ain't my lane, I'ma tell you why I came
Make sure motherfuckers say my name right!

[repeat 2X]
It's 8-One, not 8th Wonder
Call me 8, that's if you can understand
that, this ain't to be underhanded
But I'm demanding you get my name right

[Outro: repeat 3X]
Not to be underhanded
But I'm demanding you get my name right