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Artist: 2 Hungry Bros. present 8thW1 f/ Janelle Renee
Album:  No Room For Dessert
Song:   More Go
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Goo-oh-oh-ohhh {*2X*}
(C'mon people!)
Go {*8X*}
Goo-oh-oh-ohhh {*2X*}
(Let's go!)
Go {*8X*}
(More go!)

[Janelle Renee]
It was perfection, from the jump
You got my attention, at the front
I've got me myself and I, you've got you yourself and you
But together we combine to make a different kind of groove
(Party people!) Don't you start somethin you can't finish
Don't {*6X*} go
Cross my heart with the beat as my witness (c'mon!)
(C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, let's go, let's go)
Despite what your conscience is telling your mind
No I won't fight it
And if you can't help yourself boy then why would you try
(Uhh, uhh, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, let's go, let's go~!)

Goo-oh-oh-ohhh {*2X*}
Go {*8X*}
Goo-oh-ohhh, oh-ohhh, oh-ohhh, OH-OHHH, oh-oh-oh-ohhhhh!

[Janelle Renee]
Momma always said too much of a good thang
ain't no good for no one
But if you got a groove and you feel you gotta move
then don't hold back for no one
And get, beyond the record dance
Get, beyond the sweet romance
Don't you stop 'til I say when!
I swear on my grandmomma I'll tell the DJ to run it back again
(You heard what she said~!)

Goo-oh-oh-ohhh {*2X*}
Goo-oh-ohhh, oh-ohhh, oh-ohhh, OH-OHHH, oh-oh-oh-ohhhhh!

I priest on beats, I bless yo' track (YEAH!)
But who could top the phenomenon, it's 8th One
On point like ray gun
With the ear static of the President Reagan iller
Touch base like Yogi Berra
On the MB, 2HB terror (uh-huh)
Finally figured we'd share a
LP that'll raise your arm hair up, syrup
Agave flow, don't use sugar
Move along the lookup, but now they know
We got Bam Boogs on the go-go-go
And J. Renee on the whoa whoa whoa
Makes me say how could I say no
Deep did it anyway so he's an asshole
So it got a good vibe so we did a good job
Pats on the back, you've done good Rob
{*fades out*}