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Artist: 21 Savage f/ Drake, Young Thug
Album:  Issa (S)
Song:   Issa
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[21 Savage (Young Thug)]
Issa Kylie, might be Jenner, hollup
(It's fight or die, she leave with' the winner)

[Young Thug]
Issa, issa, issa, issa
Issa, issa, issa, issa

[21 Savage (Young Thug)]
Issa knife, dawg, I got stripes, dawg
What's in that Wraith, Savage? It's some white, dawg
It's some nose-white, that shit slime (slime!)
Chopper singin', Ginuwine
I'm on Air One, issa nine
On Gresham road, all the time (everytime)
I be cheatin' (nah), she be cryin'
She tell the truth, I be lyin' (I be lyin')
Issa paintin' (bitch that's art), half a ticket (half a ticket)
Issa Kylie (whoa), might be Jenner (hol' up)
Issa jet, issa check
Issa savage, now she wet (that bitch wet!)
Issa Pyrex (woo!), I got crack (I got crinack)
Got a coolin' system, issa Tec
If your bitch spend the night, issa sex (slime)
If your watch ain't cost a hundred, it ain't shit (it ain't shit)

[Young Thug]
Issa X, it's respect
If she don't check 'em (what she gon' do), issa next
Issa slice, yes or not (yes or no?)
Only one body (only one body), issa squash
I'm out the gutter dawg, nigga I'm real raw
Nigga I got real hitters
Issa great difference (great!)
Nigga, I'm real raw
Issa babysitter
Oh that's a real kiddie? (real child?)
Nigga, that's a real stripper (fool)
I see pistols, issa pig, nigga, pig
Could've been had em, talk to Rika instead
Tremendous pool, issa livin' room
We tigers in the streets, bitch, tycoon
Nigga, issa patek, nigga, issa necklace (Patek)
Nigga, issa knife, came for a slice
Better get right, nigga get diced
Never tell the truth, issa lie

Issa 21, issa Jeff
Issa profit, dawg, issa net
I watched you go sell four million, issa stretch
You gave somethin' to the cops, issa sketch
Issa drawin', issa foreign
This look fun, that looks borin'
Girl, stop textin' me so much, it's annoyin'
Issa bloody La Ferrari, issa fortune

[21 Savage (Young Thug)]
Issa duffle bag, issa Goyard (Goyard)
That's a pump fake, this a whole car
Issa VVS, and it's swimmin'
(I'm a gang banger, I'm lieutenant
Issa Thugger, issa lieutenant
Boy with all the fuckery, issa menace
Tell me your target, tell me your bargain
Please don't scream, it's an arson)
Issa Rolls Royce and it's tinted (skrrt, skrrt)
Spent your bank account at the dentist
Issa a Bentley, it ain't rented (hell nah)
Issa diss song, now they miss him (tried to tell 'em!)
(Issa brown bag, issa blue bag
Issa coup status, issa green bag)
Issa moshpit, issa rally
(Issa Taliban, Alexander McQueen)

Issa 40, issa 30
Issa Dessy, y'all not ready
Issa nail polish, bitch I'm petty
Issa ton of these, sis got heavy
Issa YSL, issa PDE
That's my old ting, issa TBT
Issa tax bracket, issa Stoney jacket
World is mine now, it's on Tony status

[21 Savage]
Nigga don't argue
Nigga you pardoned
Nigga gon' harm you
Nigga we heartless
And I got a 'Rari
And I got a Harley
And I got Saint Laurent on my garments
Issa 21, issa rat
Issa pump, issa killer
Issa pistol, issa dismissal
Issa kiss, issa yes, you kissed her
Issa dismissal, issa dismiss you
Issa my pistol, issa spillin'
Issa spillin', issa spillin', issa
Issa killers, issa hitters, issa hit 'em
Issa missiles, issa (shit), issa (gotta hit 'em)
Issa fuck it, issa fuck 'em, issa fuck 'em
Issa bust 'em, issa truck 'em, issa fuck 'em
Issa buck 'em, Issa just don't cuff 'em, issa 21

[Young Thug]
Issa, issa, issa, issa, issa
Issa, issa, issa, issa
Issa, issa, issa, issa, issa
Issa, issa, issa
Issa, issa, issa, issa, issa
Issa, issa

Issa slight problem, nigga poppin' like some popcorn
Hit yo' bitch with my socks on
Now they turnt, issa, issa, issa knife war
Know some hitters out the 9th Ward