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Artist: 1.4.0. Productions f/ Crunch Lo
Album:  Staten Island Stand Up
Song:   Trouble to MC's
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Crunch Lo]
It ain't nothing, son, word up
You bitch ass niggas, you bitch ass niggas
All ya'll niggas need Oscars now
It's like 25 percent of ya'll, something, is live
Or something, you bitch ass niggas, you fucking corns
It's nothing, it's my spot, nigga

[Crunch Lo]
Can't none of ya'll niggas even fuck with me
I am everything that ya'll niggas ever wanna be
I'm the C.R. U-Niverse, C.H., when I spit a verse
Low Beneen flex like, Bo on a movie screen
Foreheads get sweaty when my team be up on the scene
They see us twenty deep, in the club with the heat
NFL niggas with the pads and the cleets
Waiting for the action, of course, the main attraction
Buck fifty star hat and shines get the yapping
Staten Island niggas make noise with the Zu
I bought all the 'Locs, the Gods and Damus
Soon to be at, a theater nearest you
I holla at birds, wave my guns at goons
Then it's twelve to twelve, with the little 12-12's
Crunch Lo, nigga, top shelf, clientele

[Chorus 2X: Crunch Lo]
East or West, I can flow with the best
I got more materials than tephlon vest
I'm a mess, from the W.B., ain't nothing troubling me
I'm only bringing the trouble to MC's

[Crunch Lo]
I paid a heavy cost, nigga, I ain't a douja
I'm a boss, nigga, big things to offer, nigga
You young at your post, shakey with the toast
I'm watching ya'll cats, I got eyes behind my back
Attack first, iron burst fast, last thing you see
Will be, the hot flash, then it's off
With your top, grab the stash
Now I'm off of the block, I got dough in the cut
I walk with a, a George Jefferson strut
I fuck beats like sluts, nasty hoes
Get stretched through the gut, ya'll niggas can't live, what
I ain't no fucking pawn, things'll get drawn
Aim for your torso, hold that, throw something at you
Through your throwback, *2 gun shots*
And no, that's not talking, I done walked the walked
And then waltzed it, I'm so exhaulted
I'm high ranked, it's Crunch Lo with the bank
I want this whole strip, a nigga whole list
I'm from the B, to the O, to the D, Y
Where the killas didn't die, they just multiplied

[Chorus 3X]