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Artist: 1.4.0. Productions f/ Crunch Lo, Lenore, Molly-Q
Album:  Staten Island Stand Up
Song:   Life is a Mystery
Typed by: Cno Evil

You got me stuck on, stupid, maybe shot by, cupid
Wonder Woman in the flesh, with a wrapped around dress
Real nails, not pressed, you got a princess smile
God sent flower sent, you gotta have my child
For a while, we just danced, laughed, body's an hourglass
Drink splash, ice ya breast, you said 'respect this'
I said 'no question', toe nail fetish, birthmark typed that this
Yo, I had to analyze this
No ring on her fist, if she is, he a fool
If she ain't, it's a gift sent by faith
Served on a gold platter, my first wish, bubble bath, rubbing on your ass
Pass the grass, ash falling in the water, don't splash
Baby girl, it'll last til the sun come up
Early morning buttercup, remember the first time?
At the round when you pulled up, robe and slippers
I miss you, ah, fuck this, I'll bring your mistress too

[Chorus: Lenore]
LIfe is a mystery, everyone must stand alone
I hear you call my name, and it feels like...
And it feels like...

[Crunch Lo]
You're my everything, like my money and my bling bling
I want you close to me, like you was my thing thing
I'm open like a window and a swinging door
I need more, so be my queen and don't be no whore
You fine, you make my life complete, like Ginuwine
So adorable, girl, you made my whole world
When I saw you, I just melted down, I put the drugs down
And got my life together, I'm switching like the weather
Hugs, loves, and kisses, please be my misses
I'm on one knee and this can't be me
I'm a ladies man, but I cut 'em all if you say yes
Dressing in my Sunday best, yea, I'm a mess
Without you I'm a half of nothing, yeah love
I be thugging and it got you bugging, rolling up the dub and
We can cruise in the park, like Jill-Scott, you make me hot
When you walk, when you talk, and we both love New York
Tyra Banks looking, thank God for good cooking
You my pumpkin, excuse me, I'm going through something
I'm Beneen, I'm extreme, I'm ReSan Kareem
I'm my mother's last child and I'm from Staten Isle

[Chorus 2X]