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Artist: 1.4.0. Productions f/ Chapel, Livewire, Wise
Album:  Staten Island Stand Up
Song:   Da Block is Hot
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Wise]
The block is hot, hot, son, believe it or not
You better grab your pistols and pop we soon to drop
1.4.0. bring that sound that make the people wild out
The Committee, no calling time-out, here's the knockout

The Committee, shook ones, your time is over
Wise, write more books than Barnes & Noble
Spit novels, suggest you, throw in the towel
After the first round, you went down, your style is sour
Sick with vowels, fan clubs stay screaming 'bravo'
And this is far from Amateur Night at the Apollo
Live life to the fullest, survival of the fittest
Where you liable to get it, leave your brain fully splitted
It's real, up in the field, standing firm on the frontline
Cuz it's on when it's crunch time, yea
Put 'em up, get 'em up, run 'em pockets, yeah
If you iced out, shining like a chandelier
The time is near, 2K4, the new year
Staten Island, watch your back if you new here

Everybody gets glass as I guard the turf
Everybody lay down or your squads'll hurt
I'm a veteran of rap since the day of my birth
Bless more rap amateurs than doing my dirt
Ain't no competition battling or putting in work
You were skeptical and knowledge how they feeling my verse
If you poppin' off as hazardous, you'll leave in a herse
Have them peeps all them two-faced, what is it worth?
They all shiesty, hungry, that ain't my fault
They need a life like mines, put the crimes in the Hawk
Otherwise get locked up for assault and such
I'm a man, and real words for these thoughts I clutch
When I bump my pawn mics, ya'll feel the rush
Want a real big rush like the coke can do
Take a look in my eyes and you know what it do
For you small time ones, I ain't playing with you


Aiyo, you looking at my hard like you got a fucking problem
You didn't know it's Live, pack the problem, solver revolver
You better call the marshalls, private, sergeant and generals
Cuz I'm putting high on your bones, without the minerals
You fucking with criminals who think Gs is the minimum
I'm trying to slow down, cuz Live, I stay killing 'em
With a real sweatsuit, all these bitches saying they feeling him
But they mad, cuz I keep chickens gassed like helium
Yo, shorty slow your roll, yo, you out of control
This chick, just did a front flip and landed on the pole
Yo, that's some shit, already on E, and popped another hit
Drug game is so sick, copped a brick on my first flip
Don't trip, Wise is a ratchet and Live is a clip
The lava's spit, while your lines inadaquite
I put a ring on the paper after I write the marriot
Live's real woman, my shorty banging out like Dirty Harriett
I whip a V with more horse power than a chariot, nigga

Yo, you better know I'm thugged out, come and pull ya plug out
What I'm all about is, bitches, beautiful weed or big business
And taking your business, I spent like, biscuits in a range uplifted
Listen to my words, sit down and feel the gifted
Non stop, twisted, on a verge, top listed
I deserve a top spot, on the top of the statistics
The aftermath, bring it to my pocket, I'm exquisite
Test my squad, guaranteed you never risk it
My point is, everybody on my fatal hitlist
It's all love in the game, I want the big digits
That's pulled upon mics in rap, I'm just vicious

Follow my movements through the streets and peep these eyes screwing
My thirty eight special'll blast intruders
H-O-C, the block recruiters, noise polluters
In this case, tell me what's the issue
More money, more problems, what you trying to get into?
Got niggas shook to rhyme, trying to hide they pistols
Spit for the streets, the place where I got credentials
Or we can take it back, and pop lock our pistols
My team, we all Kings like Sacramento
Wise, I seen more late nights than Jay Leno
Banging the heavy metal, cuz beef is never settled
Dead you, and anybody standing right next to you