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Artist: 1.4.0. Productions f/ Lounge Lo, Polite, Shawn Wigs
Album:  Staten Island Stand Up
Song:   Back on the Grind
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Lounge Lo]
Yup, yup (aiyo) what? (Mike) uh (what up)
Lord, Ghost what up? (Yes lord) Starks Enterprise, I see ya'll
Cappadonna, I see you, it's Lounge Lo, uh-huh, Code:Red, let's go

[Lounge Lo]
It's a time to manage, gang bang still bananas
What you know about cocking them hammers, I'm bad manners
Red bandanas, block planners, and cop scanners
It's me O.B. from the top of the Grand Canyon
Code:Red/Enterprise, O.T.F.
Starks, I got you, it's Loco Left
With my dog C.W., see he trouble you
The art'll feed you Running Horse, I'm top gun
One car, one wiz, two girls, three sons
Crash on a nigga, smash on a nigga
Tell me how you feel if I come through jacking
In a two seat macking, one bitch, and one tech
With big respect, she a pro in the 'jects
Can you feel it? Nah, nothing can save ya
Cuz this is the season I'm catching my paper
Block my cream, homey, I'mma pop my steam
Ya'll niggas still fronting, damn, talk to me
It's Code:Red, daddy, walk with me
And I'mma tell ya, that I run with the Goon Swud
And I'mma tell you, stop shooting up at God
And it's me, L.O.B., on the M.I.C.
With the C to the Dub to the I to the G G

[Chorus: Lounge Lo (Shawn Wigs)]
Yo, we back on the grind (Patiently waiting
Cuz time is of the essence when you live in the streets)
Lounge Mode, Code:Red, we collide on beats
(C-Wigs, Starks Enterprise, looking for freaks)
And when the po come through we stash weed in the sneaks
(Son, we back on the grind) Patiently waiting
Cuz time is of the essence when you live in the streets
(C-Wigs, Starks Enterprise, looking for freaks)
Lounge Mode, Code:Red, we collide on beats
(And when the po come through we stash weed in the sneaks)

[Shawn Wigs]
I got money like Vegas, hit notes like a singer
Got a ill trigger finger, that's Carpul Tunnel
From Staten Island to Far Rock, son, I stack bundles
Grow Gurters in a fishtank under the sink
Got my name stitched deep in the sleeve of my mink
You can't think like the higher learning
I bless mics in church, pa, and youse invited to the sermon
Lord, BeJesus, tennis ball cuts in my Ceasers
Your crew stuck in Europe, cuz I stole they Visas
Got an album for all date releases
Aiyo esse, I lounge with my pants in creases
L.O.Bizzy, and Wigs is back
Fully blown on these streets like the war on crack
Too many soul soul awards, too small for a plaque
Shit the label gave money, I aint gots to give it back
Let's pocket the change...

[Outro: Polite (Lounge Lo)]
Yea, Goon Squad (that's right)
Uh-huh, Starks Enterprise (uh-huh)
Yeah, shout out to Loose Linx (hustle, yes, we do lord)
Icewater (uh-huh) uh-huh, uh-huh (yeah, baby)
Homicide Housing, Stapletown, Now Born, Wild West
Jungle Nilz (yes lord) Yes, yes (yes lord)
Donna Jay Bird (Othorized F.A.M., baby)
Uh-huh, Uh-huh (that's how we do up in this bitch)
T.M.F. (yeah) Yeah (stall it, we can't spoil it, baby)
Uh-huh (Shortre, 1.4.0., let's walk with him baby)
Uh-huh, uh-huh (we gon' talk with him)
Uh-huh, uh-huh (ya'll hear us, man, let's go, huh, get 'em)