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Artist: 1.4.0. Productions f/ Crunch Lo, Lighter Shade
Album:  Skool Yard Funk Art
Song:   We in the Realm
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Lighter Shade]
Ya'll want to battle, so I'mma take the apple
Like actual shackles, strong for my satchel
DJ Skribble, I conquered Scrabble
I leave a stamp on, hip hop like cattle
From a chapel or back streets, fuck ya wack beats
Have ya screaming Jesus Chris'
When I turn to beast, your rhymes hollow
I come through and conquer like a stopper
Brolic like Hogan, golden
With sure respect, and wisdom, I stand a bold man
Die with honor, die with homage
I promise, I'm God's Godfather
Fuck with me, and you'll be a goner
Go to the streets, smoke a bag of that charmer
Live for the wreckless, die for my necklace
Four K-O-A-F, eat cats for breakfast
Pillage the land, have your shiny eye
Like them little white kids on Village of the Damned
One man, never route man, with my own plans
Gigabyte, verse the RAM
Be a mine, a digital discman, paper vs. the pixel
Aiyo, plick Nextel
Rips Van Winkle, spinning the spindle
The reaper telling Father Time, that's how I spritzle
This rhymes militant, diligence, my equivalence
No one, mirrored my existence
Like dinosaurs, Mighty Thor
Cause pigs are, types of boars
Nailed to the cross, fought other fake rappers since
Senor Cartarello used pins
Plan life injections, seventies revelations
Fangs strangulations, trials and tribulations
I love your kids, dad, do your biz
Never rat, God, create chins
Less than two ages, til we, blazing
Blazers, modern day, cut you with the razors

[Chorus: Crunch Lo]
We in the realm, taking the helm, getting gritty
Eight million stories in the butt naked city
We the chosen, golden, never ever fold
Under pessure, LST extreme measures

[Lighter Shade]
Fuck all the bitches, fuck all the pictures
I write scriptures, that leave eyes blitzing
Power moves, like Scottie felt ya, melt the
Making girls welt at a jezebel shelter
Whatever have been, to La Cosa Nostra
Beware of the brainchild of Oprah
What he'll do, to the paparazzi, kind like
What Hannibal Lecter did to Senor Pazzi
Wonder Twins, form of a roddy
Form of John Gotti, this kid's playing Gotti
Play with your kids on the carousel
The G-O-V-T, is Gargamel
Stamped out project, is Ave V-L
Goodbye sweet innocence of Ariel
Dope like Mike Jordan, come through this game
Like Flash Gordon, under the reign of God is scoring
Modern day Cleopatra, Lighter Shade, rapture
X-Men, the Next Factor...

[Chorus 4X]