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Artist: 1.4.0. Productions f/ Othorized F.A.M.
Album:  Skool Yard Funk Art
Song:   Staten Islanders
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Lounge Lo]
I'm in the jungle walking barefooted, black jeans, black hooded
The Wild Beneen cat, that's how they put it
Is acting up again, ya'll niggas done fucked up
I started clapping up again...
I'm rolling with the O.T.F., got it locked, smoke bumps, stay pumped
It ain't hard, word to God
We gonna score whether you like it or not
Run in the block, with guns and take the spot
Snake fazini, doodoo head, snake benini
Try to go against the grain, I stands Lounge Mode
Everything is love in the club, we speak in codes
You fuck with my team, then I beat you oppose
Stay toppy in the zone, yo Wigs call Clocky on the phone
Battery back, no leaving 'em home
Ask the kid who fucked up, got his gear scuffed up
In two thou' he lucked up, see him on the knuckle up
Park Hill's baddest, top of the line
Block status, how you doing, and who you screwing
That's what they all ask, they see the Lounger
Up in the ghetto housing, right out of Shaolin
Universal traffic like D.L. and me to
Remedy Ross, the white Hebrew, what up, son

[Shawn Wigs]
Be easy with these slugs that can take your life
Look twice and both ways when you cross my mic
Straight shots, wreckless speed demons spit darts
Ten red light tickets and two, body parts
Arm and a leg, owe your rap career to a fortune cookie
Paid debts to the streets, paid debts to the bookie
Rookie of the year, soon as I emerge
Splurge before the deal, defition of real
Wigonomics taught freedom of speech like Dr. Martin
Luther King, black on whites, white on black bring unity
Make my whole community spaz...

[Chorus 2X: Lounge Lo]
Uptown, where you at? Brooklyn, where you be?
Yo, Queens, what's the deal? Boogie Down, how you feel?
Staten Islanders, Staten Islanders
Staten Islanders, Staten Islanders

[Crunch Lo]
Who that caught in the corner, thinking he live?
Cuz he smoke marijuana, I got some real niggas
That'll burn right on ya, for ya ice and ya bezzies
We the weight watchers and you like type heavy
But now you look frail, cuz them thoroughs do caught you
Stay happy nigga, cuz you lucky they ain't off you
Let you half live, Beneen the regulator
Illustrator, run in your legislator, you dig?
Molly, Lounge and Wigs, form the triangle
Mic cord strangler, that completes the rectangle
A manhandle tracks, it's me from B.O.
D to the Y, 10310, with a no worker flow, epilogues and episodes
With these out of town, iceberg down, hold that north book
Loving my style, Wild Beneen, making me offers
Escort the transporter, they say all you gotta do
Is give the order, we enjoy, impress your daughters
Verbal slaughter beats, forty calibur heats
My analogy, only speak to the streets
In the inner city we gritty, O.T.F. is the commitee
Epitomy of the game, ya'll niggas is shitty

I swing with the Iron Fist Pillage, villain
Rainbow coalition hold spots, top division
We time life or death on an hourly test
Please shake an eye, symbolize, no rest
Molly Warbucks who burn the big ratchet
Staying deep, big shine, hats on backwards
Private session, come and test, true injected
Arch enemy, Wild Beneen, never guess it
Attack love promoter, the dart automatics
Top of the block status, thug like statues
O.T.F. tattoos, out of state, make moves
One two, my nigga third-fourth, we spark it off
Molikoff and Lounge Mode, we set it off


[Chorus II: Lounge Lo]
Park Hill, where you at? Body B., where you be?
Stapletown, how you feel? Jungle Nilz, what's the deal?
Staten Islanders, Staten Islanders
Staten Islanders, Staten Islanders


[Hook 3X: Molly-Q, Lounge Lo]
O.T.F. is, O.T.F. is
O.T.F. is lulu