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Artist: 1.4.0. Productions f/ Clocka, Lighter Shade, Othorized F.A.M.
Album:  Skool Yard Funk Art
Song:   New York
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Molly-Q]
Put your hands against the wall, man
Pop pop the cork, for New York
"New York, New York, the same shit is going on" - Nas sample
Cuz we walk the walk and talk the talk, nigga, out in New York

The lead-off hitter, homerun tongue deliver
Take 50 MC's and test they trigger
I cock back the comrad, ready for combat
Backwards ball caps, AK's, the mac's
America's most, marijuana committee
Gritty with a fitty bow and arrow, New York City
Molly read hawks, smokin' out barnyards
The commodore, not your average stud, said he rhyming art
Undisputed novelist on looseleaf
But rub my two sleeves and take out two chief
Swing you with the Iron Fist Pillage, villain
Killed by the million, but I fucked your sister

[Crunch Lo]
Deliver like the postman, slam like WWF, Cruncha Beneen from the west
S.I. New Yick, blow low and stay lit
Pissy drunk talk and shit, and rubber grips
On the twins, there when the beef ends, when it begins
Straight flaming, need a hoe that ain't miss
My haven, got a haven, full of rhymes
And big dimes, stashed below for future times
Off the heezy, Whyla Beneeni dot com
Catch me on the LP in CD-Rom
Time bomb, last word uttered, gat in your mouth
You went Joe, and you stut-stut-stuttered
I'm a bad muthafucka from the projects, I'm heartless
Get me a track and a banner up to spark this
Blazer, tazer to your skill when I flow
O.T.F. rep, siller, the Crunch Lo
I love big gats, good green and smooth Cogniac
Chickens in the club that don't know how to act

[Shawn Wigs]
It's them swindelers, stealing my words, beef by the herds
Butcher 'em, chop to their ox tail
Son, they too frail, we off the dale, in the six
Chicks be screaming like porno flicks
Beat bananas, all I see is clicks from the cameras
My niggas, doo rag braids and bandanas
I'm swiftly, rowdy as fuck, I ain't pissy
Drunk off of Amaretto's, shot of the whiskey
New York, New York, big city of dreams
Make a move if you think it's left and what it seems

"New York, New York, the same shit is going on" - Nas sample

[Lighter Shade]
So whose that thug? Ooh blong, blong, dong, dong-da-blong
I'mma throw some slugs.. ooh blong, blong, dong, dong-da-blong
I would of been too thugged out, for the movie Black & White
Ask Hass Clock, harvest the crop
Control the block, for that stuff, that used to be
Stash the glock, in soda pop
Big up to Mariner's Harbor, big like Barriner Street
So go wear when I reap, I fair you the beast
From the habitat of into Cadillacs
Where we do chins, for big backs
All my niggas, fuck that, yo, I'm built like that
Do dibs in the playground, where they piss and crap
Flow guards for eons, Flex drop the bomb...
"New York, New York, the same shit is going on" - Nas sample
The ghetto windchimes, witnessing the crime
N.Y., Otho to the Rized
Come to your town, snatch your crown and bury your child
I'm Lighter Shade, tongue, the God is wild

Hear me? Listen, yo, listen
Fuck a three twenty, more like a six double monthly
Crazy capital, watch your wrist, ain't nothing funny
Get scraped, slumped, thrown in the lake
Think shit ain't new, acting like a fool, you get yaped
Tell me how you feel, ante up, it's a wrap
Aiyo, it's time to get side from, what up, the kid ain't having it
Just show niggas how I do, 'nuff recipes
About the cabinet, reach and cook some beef stew
Despite all the rah-raw, Dot be mad cool though
The only nigga get bitches like Menudo
Only nigga hold CREAM like a jew, though
Like you don't want, get the shit on, the wolves bust
Toaster bust, make it hot...
Generate dough, spend big faces
A big plate, popularity, might get me shot
So what you got, hesitate and I'll eat the food off your plate
Belly full jackets for heavyweights
Knowledge-knowledge, the best Power-U is in who
With the Ooh, uh...

"New York, New York, the same shit is going on" - Nas sample

[Lounge Lo]
Now who the fuck wanna know about me and the squad
I drive a Caddy through your hood and park a truck in the yard
Asking about, where we at and when we coming
We on the road, and trying to get paid like Mr. Drummend
In the meantime, between time, I got a mean rhyme
Six guns, three girls, and two sons
Flock wars, fucking with some ecst' I'll have you lock jaws
And your cock feel like four-fours
Bandana cats, I know some dogs with banana wraps
Carlos Santana track
It's Othorized, so watch who you talk to
Out in New York, the same shit is what we walk through
Out in New York, the same shit is what we walk through

"New York, New York, the same shit is going on" - Nas sample (2X)