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Artist: 1.4.0. Productions f/ Chapel, Wise
Album:  Skool Yard Funk Art
Song:   Lock N Load
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: Wise]
Yo, we unfold, leaving you cold for acting bold
Shining like gold, Chapel and Wise, stealing your soul
Time is ticking on this lesson that's told
So give me that mic you're trying to hold, straight spitting lock and load

Lyrical profession, officially my occupation
Blessing to this world since creation
I'm saying, S.O.D., from track to compilation
So download this information
Chapel and Wise, the combination causing aggrivation
Smoking for a higher elevation
This is a demonstration of my innovation
Spitting proclamations 'cross the nation
Leaving cats stunned off the penetration
Your life ending what you facing
Thoughts speak integration, circled your head
Three hundred degrees in rotation, tough situations
From the Hawkeye, you feel intimidation
From the darkest federation, the darkest federation

My times depart, when I start the leak of millions
Laying it down, amongst through land like pilgrams
Before I explode, remain calm, I quick swarm
Sound the alarm, cuz court won't last long
Now focus the pawn, I been sworn to mic performance
Leaving 'em torn, you've been warned, so now it's on
You dead wrong, now be ready for combat
Bat, bat, bet that, cock that, body I split that
Severe, cause cats to disappear, here
Fierce no man, feel the force of fear
Reappear, Chap busts when the new year here
Not a friend, just a foe, yo, I'm out for the dough
Saying peace to the Gods, yeah you know how it go
Jumping whips, taking flicks, pockets be thick
Plus I'm fucking your bitch, plucking the snitch
Steady climbing, stay clapping, global actions
Lines go down, horizontal fashion
Don't bother, you'll get scarred with no regards
I sware to the Gods, flow stay harder, to the grain
I'm calm like rain, feel the slug in ya brain

[Chorus 2X]

This be the new production, we let rhymes go to stop your function
Ya niggas swaring ya hardcore, ain't saying nothing
And for you amateurs, ya'll need to watch out, or get knocked out
Faster than a cop can pull his glocks out
Who let the fox out, running with his head chopped off
You know me, I spit lead like shots go off
I blow ya head off, switch up styles like it's Face/Off
You better get off and stop riding
These hydro blunts'll keep me higher than the cats handgliding
I'm never hiding, you catch me out in the open
Brainstorming, shining, plus hotter than the sun burning
Raising tracks for this new milliny
I'm shady and dark that's why you feel me, you hear me?