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Artist: 1.4.0. Productions f/ Franky Botts, Lighter Shade, Molly-Q
Album:  Skool Yard Funk Art
Song:   Let it Bang
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: Lighter Shade]
Let it bang, bang in the streets
O the T-F, family trees
Let it bang, bang in the jeeps
Have ya screaming, Jesus Christ'

[Franky Botts]
Who witnessing Botts kicking dirt about Botts
It's all in a box talk, I chalk the streets up
Is you all amongst friends, or all amongst fugazzi
Botts means crazy, acting like you know me
When I'm with the bosses, rocks in my rolly
Cable with crosses, or Jesus pieces
Purses and navel, hanging the longest
Begets the size of croquets on my neck
Hydro ganja, out the cubonics
Meet mine like fume by the chrome gondola
Take my shirt off, Christ tattoo get showed off
Like Ducatti on the way to the shore
It's my way, here's some more, Franky Botts
The hip hop version of Franky Sinat'
With the Nike style, in my Nike boy shocks
Aiyo, Lighter Shade, we headed straight to the top

Who the monk shop, Molly Silver Fox, mash ya mind box
Free teacher, Pillage locked up in bleachers
Creature chronic, heat holders only survive
Blocks fold under pressure, when you see the Othorized
See me in our palm, microphone steady arm
No safety clip, bomb detenate and face God
Poor and the rich, and the bitch is a bitch
Throwing dirt on my kicks with a can of ass whip
Who move with the legion, learn from the teaching
Sneaky like creetines on dust, the camel clutch
Got your lyrics in a Dutch, smoke it down to roach clips
My life on one trip on tour, no pink slips
A fistful of talent, marvelous, fabulous five
Old monkey jive, revise the super fly, the red eye...


[Franky Botts]
Shoguns and iron rods, draw quick like Eastwood
My piece makes holes the size of manholes
Pump-pump, the G.I. Joe's on the run
Socrates brain, goes down, it's John Wayne
Home town games are the illest terrain
Jacked on 'caine, and bump like juice heads
Every ten bars, shrink a Beetlejuice head
Little Italy, pull strings from here to Sicily
It's like trying to pull a fast one on wiseguys
Two live guys, televise us, you let vet to arise
Until the year 2-5, it's always Othorized
La Familia Othorized, La Familia Othorized