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Artist: 1.4.0. Productions f/ Molly-Q
Album:  Skool Yard Funk Art
Song:   Freestyle
Typed by: Cno Evil

Ballistic, linguistic, slang-tistic
Move through your district, slide with the biscuit
Predict this, quicker than Father Time did, kid
Addiction, hooked on my rhyme perscription
Statistic, roll a discus, amidst fits
Only Iron Fist can blow the death kiss
We vicious, malicious, assorted by baliscious
Fire all pistols, or fight they pistons
Leap in a single bound, chronic by the pound
Round for round, town for town, got me spitting the green mile
Slick when I was stuck, dead broke, out of luck
Throw my middle finger up for slang prostitution
Nobody beats the biz, beat
Yeah, nobody beats the biz, breakbeat competitor
Slang editor, drunk cheddar, pony feather
In my derby, smoke green gold, but never dirty
Then smoked out spicolli, surround Dolby
Goldy rocks, smoke spots, tattoo twats
Pull rocks more than SWAT teams, weak in the knees
Beggin' please, ma, we Beneen, stripping at the means
Whoo, yea we trade cloth, where's fat war?
I'm steady crash cats, touchdown like Marshall Faulk
Stalk, extort, export, dipping Newports
Import hoods, the resorts and reports
From the north pole, three quarter terrycloth robe
Spraying like a firehose, back you up on tippy toes
God saw your girl's dildo, pure jiggalo
Designed the figaro, with the O to the T-H-O
Model hit the bottle, throttle, El Dorado
The street model, that's my motto, you follow
Rich like the Rollo, a rock in a hard place
Struggle in the rat race, people in the sleeper chase
All my goals, a big label, are assholes
Take your artist that's gold, underground, six foot hole
Rest in peace, beast from the east, try to feast
On a scavanger hunt, just wipe your feet
Off the boarder slaughter, recorder, popper stopper
Fuck that, the cock blocker