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Artist: 1.4.0. Productions f/ Crunch Lo, Samantha
Album:  Skool Yard Funk Art
Song:   Everything U Need
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Samantha (Crunch Lo)]
I will give you everything you need (that's what the block'll say)
How could, you can run to me (aiyo, I must get paid)
I'll be, everything you need (that's what the block'll tell me)
How could, you can run to me (guns and crack fiend)

[Crunch Lo]
Aiyo, walking out my building, on some, get money, prowl
I got my grills, bag of meth, and breaking up an owl
I see mad drama, try my best to avoid shit
Straight up cream, if it means to extort shit
My project niggas got it set in they mind
To start the revolution, knocking off, one time
And backstabbers, I need a shorty for tonight's matters
So what's the deal is you ready for me, poke and steady
That nigga Lo I be, most call me Crunch
I stay looking hazy, cuz I stay smoking blunts
And chill, just parlils with my mans
Try to front and you catch a stomp with the Timberlands
Understand, it's something real going on
Cah-craow, from the gats, it be the Body Brighton theme song


[Crunch Lo]
In the concrete jungle, respect it
Or find yourself falling on the humble
I got sucked back into the streets for sacrifice
My game stay fresh like dope on rice
Up in the freezer, fell in love with big heaters
Splashing with a gem or used my dick beaters
From the ten, God-God, where the lives is hard
When a nigga die now, and it don't seem odd
So sad, niggas buff they acts and swallow loose cracks
When jakes react, it's like that
Up in the ghetto, still got nuts that I ain't let go
So niggas know ahead of they time, that they wetto
Spread metal like Olympics, flows invented
Hardcore shit, is the O.T.F. vintage
Music for the hyper, active ass life of
Thugged out niggas in cells, who didn't tell
From the elevator stash, to the staircase cash
To the bitches with the big ass, and juice like niggas

[Chorus 2X]