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Artist: 1.4.0. Productions f/ Othorized F.A.M.
Album:  Poisonous Poets, Murderous Melodies
Song:   We Always Gonna Do It
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Shawn Wigs]
Don't believe the hype, we hold pipes
Big iron rods, locked behind bars
Ratchets just spit, big gift like Saint Nick
When it comes to this music, I only kick porno flick
Rough shit, type to beat your bitch with
Cut your glass to, and slide on the avenue
Doo rag niggas, with the same pants on
Smoke domes and sleep with the fifth by the arm
Love to rock ice when it's time for the storm
Spaz the fuck out when the beats come on
The rap arnosist, code red burn like black coal
We do it for them niggas thirty days in the hole

[Chorus: all]
We do it for them niggas that live on parole
(My street corner duns that put glass in they gold) {we always gonna do it}
Even if I'm locked {we still gon' do it}
(And old guns on the block) {we still gon' do it}
To the neighborhood cops {we still gon' do it}
{We still gon' do it, we always gon' do it}

[Lounge Lo]
Did a twelve year bid in the streets and held it down
Sold cracks, hold stacks and tore the pounds
Smoke weed in the building, getting chased by cops
One twenty around, there's no money around
Do what I gotta do, avoid the pressure
I moved on to my next measure, getting it in Dorchester
My sword lecture, mic protector
Son, the 'word on the street' is 'show n prove' like Inspectah
Word to mother, connect the dots, fake dreds run in spots
All in my grill, like they know the plot
What the bloodclot, OTF, we on the shake down
Wait now, thirty days in the lake now

[Crunch Lo]
To all my sons, much love, from me, you get the ones
To the street corner, do us apart, crash your arts
From the ghetto, we special, now to go, let go, everytime
Dimes and nickels, upon the broke hands of times
Confined in square feet, stash drugs in heat
Knowing what's beef, smoke a green gold leaf, and never sleep
Too long, too black, too strong, for pit falls
Spit on ya'll, get ya'll in some shit
Fucking with this, master MC, double breasted
Can't be tested, you better watch who you mess with
O to the two blows of death, Barrick West
Rock ya vest, when you get a suction mess
Protect ya chest, but you can't, too amped, fuck around
Get you blamped with a big one, long barrel, rubber handle
And you know who spit one, rap til I succomb
Dust making me numb, polish a brand new gun

[Chorus: all]
I do it for my dogs out of town whose on the run
(I do it for my niggas that stash the big drumbs)

{We always gonna do it}  {We still gon' do it}
 {We still gon' do it}
To the neighborhood cops {We still gon' do it, we still gon' do it}
{We still gon' do it, we always gon' do it}