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Artist: 1.4.0. Productions f/ Crunch Lo
Album:  Poisonous Poets, Murderous Melodies
Song:   So What Now?
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Hook: Crunch Lo]
Is it the thug? Deep in my soul that got me bugged
Shots or slick slugs, niggas with ice mugs
We the Rainbow Coalition, dismissing all, stand tall
Verbal ball, fireball, flame the wall

[Crunch Lo]
International, touch ground with different races
When I see true faces, I need ten spaces
So back up, before I act up, like mentally disturbed
Turn the lock, cuz niggas on a well known herb
I hold mine, regardless of my loss I'm still a horse
Crucified rapper, nail him down to a cross
So which one is ready, I shred his ass
Throw his remains like confetti, ya'll niggas ain't heavy enough
To touch this, or discuss this, at your session
Chose my weapon, result in directing
To anything that move, peel out, I set it on cruise
And then I wheel out these jewels, 2 step above ya'll crews
I'm the promise of my time, architechtual design
The finest of your bombs, couldn't fuck with mine
I'm a monster, karma, strike like that
I bring drama, so you don't really wanna get it on
I go through the night, crack the dawn, it's on
Like hurricane, storms, blow away, all ya'll corns
At the pintacle, take any one, individual
And lyrically, I split 'em in two, may God bless you

[Chorus: Crunch Lo]
So what now? Do I have to show my colors on clowns
So what now? Don't make me have to break you down
So what now? O.T.F., niggas spitting these rounds
So what now? Ghetto poetry from under the ground
So what now? Feel my energy in this rap scene
So what now? Like machines that be blowing off steam
So what now? Raise the level, the metal'll spray, hello
Ghetto ark with Mello, pulling strings like a cello

[Crunch Lo]
Back at 'em for dough, too, I broke through and spilled it
Saturate, vocabulary and drop real shit
For each individual, ripping through your shield
Capitan, dumping the clip in battlefields
I need a meal for 12 sons, round tables and big guns
Whole box of Dutches, cuz we all got greenthumbs
Elaborate and collaborate on melodies
Super thug here, fear none, I pop mentally
Better with adversary, sleepy ass niggas wake up
And not disturbingly, rude or some solid rock
Ghetto attitude, all hell just broke loose
When the Crunch to the Lo came through, with the rest of the pack
O.T.F., we embezzle the tracks
With shorty, with a fresh one, yo I bless one
Had the, weeds in my system, like ashtma
From West Brighton Plaza, meet your life after and before
Nothing but the raw thoughts, I'm thorough like a horse
With a V8, Planet of the Apes, can you relate?
Or we take too late, cuz I deface, tear up the place
Mass confusion, can't nobody face it
And we gel-team, felt the need for speed, til we safe at home
Speak low and don't discuss it in phone
Adjust like ameba zones, reefer in my bones
Gustes in my eyes, alcohol is in my clothes
We chosen, from brick buildings, and toughly loaded
I still can't shine, what others started, we wrote it

[Chorus 2X]