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Artist: 1.4.0. Productions f/ Franky Botts, Othorized F.A.M.
Album:  Poisonous Poets, Murderous Melodies
Song:   Salute
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Lounge Lo]
Ya'll know the work, aiyo
Go get all the guns out the muthafucking car, man
Word up, cuz these niggas gon' survive
Fuck all of ya'll...

[Chorus: Lounge Lo]
Where my thugged out cats with bands around they ankles
Paizon niggas/goombah dogs with diamonds in they bangles
Pinky rings and benzito, sippin' wino, the booze
Centi an', ah salute

[Lounge Lo]
I'm in the middle of some beef in the streets of Bensonhurst
And if I see a cop first, dog, I'mma pop first
I'mma do, son, Amadu, Clinton do
Some live shit, even the realest niggas they wouldn't do
Babyface and Tommy and them, Uncle Jinny
Louie teasing Little Johnny and them, gangsta
Gangsta shit, fucking with the livest, nigga
It's O.T.F., muthafucker, street survivor nigga
Jimmy Two Time, stutter it up, I buckle it up
Talk with my hand on my mouth, cover it up
See the light from Marty Z., over a Cola
He said son was out there, and look over my shoulder
Chill mama, I was only known for Lounging
But never drama, tell me some more, tell me some more
What do you believe, heaven or hell?
Lounge Beneen, check out the style beneen
Italiano black boys come to crowd the scene
Yo Stub, get the joint so we can plan and interrupt
And tell, Johnny Mack to meet back at the hub
Turtle, Dove, call Clock at the lab
Franky Botts is coming over with the digital bag

Where my stubbed out cats with gats up on they ankle
Hoster, see me on the poster, I'm on it
Chunk of marijuana, silent and the violent
Starch and the Armor, keep it full armored
Godfather slang, do hits and stay honored
Why bother, you don't want the drama, cause trauma
Center of attraction in your wife's pajama
New York clean farmer, tent to tent rhymer
Parked in the Hill, in the cut, in the Harbor
Give me, cross the map, compact your daily contract

[Chorus 2X]

[Shawn Wigs]
Aiyo, Botts, we like Superfly and Sammartino
I'mma bottle of the Henny, feel San Pellegrino
I'm great like Constantino, thug genoli's
Flavors, packed with the shrimp raviolis
Smoked and Caponed up, twist the braids back
Put the TV's on in the heads of the Cadillac
Escalade, 1.4.0. beats be the escapade
More escapades, twist leafs of the best grenade

[Franky Botts]
My road dogs, slow jack on they ankles
And all my tephlons, with diamonds in they bangles
Will and Nino, they wanna know who fits the biz
Known as Soprano, smuggling cases of Hector Harmano
Lounge and Nino, it's Othorized, it's your time
Commando code of silence, all the time
Cappachino, bon appetit, it's goombah
We sitting at the table where the Benino's eat
La Familia, bulked up like Ray Aginero
The Jesus, our sign is worth dope like Picasso
Iced out, prio ditto, Franky Botts
Go live pics on America's Most
And my whole in-the-loop family off the boat
Springfield, land field, break bread, Catskill
The clue-londo, sippin' sapphire Pompei
Running up in they land, clean they ass out like for days
Ship out to echo, Francesco perfecto
Crucify the rhyme like Jesus, lead up on the poor
We hold the mic so tight, so families put your glasses up high
And cent anni', ah salute, a hundred years Othorized