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Artist: 1.4.0. Productions f/ Cheesey Rat, Crunch Lo, Lighter Shade
Album:  Poisonous Poets, Murderous Melodies
Song:   God Twist
Typed by: Tha Masta

"Only the Gods could watch the Earth twist" -> Nas (cut and scratched)

[Intro: Lighter Shade]
Let your mind... be free

[Crunch Lo]
Yo God it ain't hard, double-edge forever scar
Twelve deadly bars laid down like hot tar
Star catcher, better than the metro, guns let go
Faster than gas or pedal, just spread metal
on the pedestal, sit back collect revenues
Man, I'm tellin' you, intervene the scene and I'm jellin' you
Live at the Savoy we can build and destroy
We could dance with the wolves and play with gun toys
Majestic mind, break the vertebrae of your spine
Shut down the comp of time, my name is defined
Could reign, nobly shine, a hundred years down the line
O.F. committee, fifty niggaz stand behind
Corn braid, 'fro or fade, goat-shave like Venetian
Blessed magician, Q keep the green twistin'
Engine, Wigs look, my son make a move first
Mercury rise and the thermometer burst
From the heat of Fahrenheit, damage a mic on the humble
While y'all niggaz half-step I Aztec through the jungle
Speak of Beneeni, laid back cat, just be easy
Chokin' on the shit to get ya lungs all wheezy

[Hook: sample cut and scratched 4X]
"Only the Gods could watch the Earth twist" -> Nas

[Cheesey Rat]
Y'all cats, can't even look my way
Blessed generation war, either you hot or you not, son
Pop one for L.S.T. and me, Cisco MC
Reppin' infinity, four-fifth waves
Staten Island daze is like, can't even read my pager right
Losin' my sight, go towards the light, son
Fightin' one too many times, niggaz take ya shine
Rock 'em like their mines
With Nike signs 'til the Timberland comes
Swimmin' in drums, blow a cop police where we from
Because you talk too much plus you're eager to run
Behind me stands a nation, knowledge through power
Generation, thoughts racin', first but not ya final confrontation
Seen the, realest get tested, Willies I never messed with
Can't seem to stop gettin' arrested
Some say I'm desperate, left with bad thoughts
Real niggaz don't talk, we bring it straight to the war
At full court


[Lighter Shade]
The final thoughts I've learned youth somethin', I burn crews
Turn youths, preacher of the germ blues and sperm tools
Wanna recreate another beginnin', makin' moves on religion
Movin' niggaz life, the space prison
The revelation still glistens, no one listens
I've broken down the math of, fifty solar systems
Back to the street life, we greet with the knife
Some speak through the ice, my advice, I'm a white knight
That'll shine bright, and Noreaga, you got my click actin' ill behavior
What up, dunn? We feel ya flavor
Hold tight, on this planet, where the mind's greater
One day you drop a gem, yo, with the white savior
Through shoutout to all the thug drug scouts
If you're real Bout It, Bout It, one day you'll have to re-a-route it
I'm from the blended school of Mt. Carmel
Eatin' five sent caramels on the carousel
At the time my father was incarcerated in his holy cell
Me and the Angel Gabriel, flyin' parallel
Together, 'til the last wind, a final weather
Every bloody letter I rewrite with a feather
Changin' never to ever, who's clever on my agenda?
Makin' evil evil surrender, part of December