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Artist: 1.4.0. Productions f/ Franky Botts, Molly-Q
Album:  Poisonous Poets, Murderous Melodies
Song:   Godfathers
Typed by: Cno Evil

Dart double click, through your cardiac heart
Streets apart, NARC's bust weed spots marked
Five million march, for the freedom to talk
Spark words of task force, land of the lost

[Franky Botts]
It's your time, snap the finger like Fonzy
Franky Bottsy, drinking Donny Periogne
Alitalia Airline, fly to my homeland
Packed up the plane with the Othorized F.A.M.
Incognito, wild wild Benino
Molly, in the pearl white Denali
We primo, Ducatti's from Italy
You hit me? It's coming back heavy
With a mouth full of Christy, Armani Exchange
White change, 7.50, with large pieces
Crosses of Jesus, dime march in the place of the thorn
Paison, leave horns with the Lucifer
We all amongst friends, kingpin with pens
Smell is sweet all day, Orgo D.A.
Don't get too familiar with me and La Familia

[Chorus: Molly-Q]
We all amongst friends, goodfellas and godfathers
Guinea in the ghetto, paison, drop the bomb
Pop-pop the cork, in the streets of New York
Just talk up your talk, if you walk the walk
Yo, pop-pop the cork, if you walk the walk
In the streets of New York, you just talk the talk

V.I.P., Chato, ski out, higher plateau
Christ head guido, start riots at your show
Jams at the top of the pen, cuz Franky knows
Made men in the steakhouse, anything goes
Just roll in the S.T.S. Cadillac, we shank
Caron' catching contact, man hunt contract
Guinea in the ghetto, paison, pistol palms
Catch me in the Palms with your girl in my arms
Settle arms, detonate bombs, blowing weed farms
Sirloins and Yukons, plutons and Lincolns
Just move on, peon, I burn chron', in both arms
Flood King Kongs, eating pussy in a thong

[Franky Botts]
Aiyo, Molly-Q, these rappers are actors
Deserve Oscars, for the role that they play
Put the anchor to each leg, and toss them in
The Staten's Bay, where I come from
All ya'll Italiano rappers
I'm the Marlon Brando, just tell 'em Commando sent ya
Hollow tips thugs, dipped in the diamond dust
Berettas from the Mohican, Silence Lambs, wouldn't hear you speaking, what