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Artist: 1.4.0. Productions f/ Chapel
Album:  Poisonous Poets, Murderous Melodies
Song:   Freestyle
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Chapel]
Let me bless this shit, I'mma bless shit
I'mma bless shit, I'mma bless shit
I'mma bless this shit, word up, kid
Yo, yo, uh

Sitting back, staying back for the games of rap
Four slugs pop gats, now you missing yor back
Take that, dip down, black Nautica cap
Shells pop, cats got me cocking it back
Feel blaze when I raise, dark humerous days
Blessed with the force to uphold the pain
That you feel upon Chap, cuz you plotting to gain
Turn the tongue back, got you feeling the rush
Get scarred, gold mics, feel the deadliest clutch
Getting down, getting blazed, putting coke in the dutch
My best man shiest, who the fuck I'mma trust?
Got pops on my back for selling drugs and shit
Block was hurt for the points of crane
But you know I ain't down with the heroin fiends
Trife life got me all up in a horrible dream
Visual scenes, vague, so I plot the past
Forget about times, I was victim of cops
Rocked the palm cuffs, now we getting them props
Forty five blast til the calibur shot
Holes in your chest, leaving circular holes
Gats, hit burn, leave a dumb bitch froze
I fold like four cloves who be getting the gold
Stay dark, top sharp, feel the lyrical flows
Time for the shine, Chapel one to unload
Get sprayed, rap, mind's play deadliest foes
Engage, burn paths when he pumping the gauge
Word up, son, that's perfection...