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Artist: 12 O'Clock
Album:  Handcuffs (S)
song:   Handcuffs
Typed By: pneumatic

[12 O'Clock]
Yeah niggas, Uh huh
Nigga, I'm like Cheech n' Chong, Smoke K-2 all day long
Who's the chick in the purple thongs
Getting head in the booth while I'm makin my song
Face pretty like Mia Long
In the streets I'm the black James Bond with two chicks on my arm
Hands in my pocket snubbin the palm
While she's, Splittin the Dutch I'm breakin the bomb
I wanna mansion with a backyard big as a farm
A ten, Car garage, Ten piff for alarm
If a dude think he leavin come shots to his legs and arm
Need rescue like a Saint Bernard
Little kids be like hay yo twelve you a star
Said stars in the sky plus I live in my car
It be all smoked out, Plus the windows be fogged
See a nigga gotta eat or his stomach will starve
I catch a faggot nigga frontin give his baldy a scar

[Chorus 2x: 12 O'Clock]
Throw your hands up nigga don't handcuff
Let your hoe walk around the club nigga givin it up
Fat thighs, D cups, Nigga feelin her butt
I bought the hoe somethin to drink so a nigga wanna fuck