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Artist: 116 Clique
Album:  The Compilation Album
Song:   Act Out
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I'm loving life fam, we in the light man
Yeah that's right fam, another Christ jam
We get it hype man, I'm just a hypeman
Jesus the headliner, I'm just his hypeman
So get it right fam, it's not about your boy
But if you get the truth, holla at ya boy fam
My past was gritty and filthy like a trashcan
But through his blood, I'm cleaner than a snowman
This not a show man, but this for show man
At his wedding, he saved me for a slow dance
So I'm gon' slow dance, down and narrow with 'em
The whole way fam, like I'm hearing slow jamz
I sold program, this is program
Out with the old man, in with the new man
Follow the trails he left us like TuCan
Sam, 1 and 2, this one is for you fam

If you walking down the streets or you ridin' wit your top down
Reppin' on the front line, a soldier in the background
You face the trials of this world and you don't back down
You hear the word of the Lord and go and act out
You get down to the Father's biz
Want the whole world to know who Jesus is
If you loving the fact that Jesus lives
And the fact that Jesus is, Act Out

Let's keep it hype man, I'm just a hypeman
Yeah that's right fam, another Christ jam
Abundant life fam, we in the light fam
We just some broken vessels reppin' the God man
A tool in God's hand
Like Moses' rod or the mic that I hold in my right hand
Like the Psalm that says word we delight man
Rejoice and we write man, all about Christ fam
Let's keep it moving
Don't get it tangled in everyday life, keep your focus on God's plan
Forsake the world's plan and the things that covet
Forget a Spring Bling fam and a Summer Jam, but this is Summer Jam
But believe me done I could care less if they bump this in their Hummers man
The plan's for us is to shed light like a summer man
Before cats get knock-ed off like duh duh man


Yeah that's right man, this that Christ Jam
Jesus the God-man, seated at the right hand
Whether you walking down the street or at a light man
Sittin' in your room, about to make a right man
Guard your life fam, and forsake the things of this world
Keep your focus on God's plan
Because our life supposed to bring light man
To lead people out of the dark to the God man