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Artist: 10k.Caash + more *
Album:  Scary Swajjur Stories (EP)
Song:   Haunted Bikini Bottom
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

* Rico Nasty, Matt Ox, GUN40

Huh, ayy, yeah, yeah

Pockets full of big bands, feel like SpongeBob SquarePants (Ayy)
I'ma do the money dance, your shawty in love with that (Yeah)
I be looking for the racks, I'm like, "Where the money at?" (Gang)
She say she just love these bands, Sandy where the bowls at (Ayy)
Pockets big, SquarePants (Huh), jellyfish, catch 'em in
Packages, reel 'em in (Huh), me and Ox at the Krusty Krib
Old Patrick, livin'-under-the-rock-ass nigga
I'm about my money like Krusty Krabs, my nigga (My money)
Your bitch look like Mrs. Puff, my nigga (Puff)
Oh, Krusty Krab pizza (Pizza), I got Krusty Krab pizza (Yeah)
Krusty Krab pizza (Pizza), just for you and me (Just for you and me)
Just for you and me (Yeah)

Yeah, Jellyfish Field with the dope in my sock (Sock)
Uh, you can get your Krusty Krab rocked (Krusty Krab rocked)
You can catch me on the Krusty Krab block (Krusty Krab block)
Boy, don't test me or I'm bringin' out the mop (Bringin' out the mop)
I can't trust a opp, can't bring shawty to my spot (I can't)
I be stackin' guap, I be stackin' it a lot
Yeah, I'm chillin' with DoodleBob and got Pearl on my cock
Servin' Krabby's on the block (Meep meep), the spot is hot (Ah)
Your old bitch want some chocolate (Chocolate), what the fuck? (Bitch)
King Neptune, I'ma go and goofy up (Hahaha)
I'm a young Goofy Goober, you know I'm geeked up (Ayy, geek it up)
Double cup (Yeah), my styrofoam cup (Huh)
Sip me up (I'm gone)
Squidward's house, got your bitch blowin' my clarinet (Brr)
Off two Xans with Garry on my snail shit (Snail shit)
Sweet, sweet victory
Gettin' head from Sandy (Damn)
In the Superbowl dome and I'm lookin' for Larry (Larry)
Which one of y'all's Dirty Dan?
That's me! (Me)
You ain't gang, you ain't sleazy (Sleazy)
I be stayin' with OGs (OGs)
Flippin' cash like patties (Yeah)
Still drippin' underseas
I'm a Barnacle Boy, and I'm weird, Mermaid Man (Barnacle Boy)
I just popped a Dirty Bubble, 'kay, where's Plankton?
With SpongeBob SquarePants (Huh), havin' fun and bein' friends (Huh)

"F" is for friends who do stuff together
"U" is for you and me
"N" is for anywhere, anywhere at all
Here in the deep blue sea

(Rico! Haha)
What the fuck? (Shit, goddamn)
I keep missin' my bud (Haha, huh, huh, huh)
I'm the Hash-slinging Slasher (What? Huh)
My gas, I don't pass (Huh)
Hoes out of breath (Yeah), and they can't seem to catch (Ah)
Catch me in the kitchen (Haha), I'm whippin' Krabby Patties (Yeah)
Bitches penny pinchin' (Ugh), they actin' Mr. Krabsy (What the fuck?)
Smokin' out the bowl like the bitch named Sandy (Yeah)
Bitches on my nuts 'cause they taste like candy
I'ma hibernate and you still can't pass me (Nope, nope)
You a broke bitch (Um), you look real ashy (Haha)
Ew (What?), ew (Ah)
What the fuck? (Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew)